Kent Residence

A critical challenge for the design of the Kent residence’s new kitchen was to integrate the house’s separate kitchen,
dining room, and living room, into one large, uninterrupted space. By removing the interior walls that divided
the existing spaces, an open floor plan was realized. Poggen pohl kitchen cabinets were chosen to maintain a
contemporary modern aesthetic.

In order to maintain structural integrity for the second floor, a new steel post and beam structural system was
designed and implemented, a further expression of the mid-century modern vocabulary. Allowing for greater
flexibility, four collapsible doors, three of which are adjacent to the kitchen, were incorporated to allow for the
separation of the new contemporary kitchen from the more formal living space. The new open floor plan affords
scenic views of the surrounding landscape and lake.

The extension of an existing brick wall conceals an AV closet, which stores TV/ stereo equipment, thus maintaining
a clean appearance for the new seamless living spaces. Also, custom wood oak shelving was designed to match
the wood finish of the floor, and to create display areas for artwork. Finally, a new lighting plan utilizing low
voltage lights and LED fixtures, including a Poul Henningsen designed PH 5 pendant light was developed,
along with selection of furniture, to accentuate the architectural details of the new space.

      kitchen/living before renovation