The Phelps Garvey Residence

The goal of renovating this Charles Goodman designed Hollin Hills home was to solve some long standing problems with heating and cooling, lighting, poor insulation, and noise.
The old gas furnace was replaced with a high-efficiency, super-quiet furnace, which qualifies for a federal tax credit. New duct work in the attic and new vents, low-profile slot diffusers,
in the ceiling were incorporated in order to bring greater air supply into the living room, dining room, and kitchen. The fiberglass insulation was removed from the attic and replaced
with recycled cellulose insulation with a higher R-value rating. The gas hot water heater was replaced with a high-efficiency water heater.

A new lighting scheme was designed to enhance displayed artwork as well as highlight details of this historic house. In order to close off the utility room from the kitchen,
a custom designed folding door made of quarter-sawn white oak to match the original Goodman floor was installed. Designed to allow unencumbered entry into the utility room,
this center folding door successfully solves this partition problem without compromising Goodman's design aesthetic.