The renovation of the kitchen in this 1951 Charles M. Goodman-designed mid-century modern home focused on opening up the galley kitchen space, reworking a poorly built adjacent 1970s dining room addition, and removing a screened-in porch, which had a strong visual connection to the outdoors.

New windows have been added to match the proportions of the existing glass in the 8’x12’dining area, connecting the indoors with the exterior patio and garden. The new kitchen—now enlarged to 10’x21’ —features a 10-foot island running parallel to the new ash wood wrapped steel beam, which replaces the wall that closed off the original space. The back of the island has open custom ash wood shelves for books, built-in ductwork, and an area for stool seating.

The innovative aspect of the design created a physical construct as an homage to the home’s mid-century aesthetic. A new “pass through” area with open shelves on top for displaying art and pottery marks the end of kitchen but continues the theme of “openness” by having a visual connection to the entry area. The open shelving was created by ordering more than 100 linear feet of 13-inch wide teak décor paneling from the Poggenpohl factory, and fabricating the cabinet onsite prior to installation. Part of this cabinet area is a small custom, built-on-site counter top cabinet with Poggenpohl Terra Matte door that was used to create a knife holder and spice rack on one side, with space for phone and key storage on the opposite.

Upper cabinets have purposely been eliminated to enhance the sense of openness and to allow for two large full-height windows to flank the cooking area. Pantry units are used to create ample storage for food, plates and glasses as well as a concealed microwave. The use of different color panels on the pantry units is another nod to mid-century design, which often incorporated multi-colored panels on cabinetry to stir visual interest.

The finishes are Poggenpohl Teak Décor DX204, Pebble Grey Matte lauquer ML1124, Terra Matte lacquer ML1128. The handle is GL01.